Aro LIngma appliqué – Ngakpa zhal’mèd

Ngakpa Zhal’mèd Sewing

Craft Retreat, June 2004

Ngakpa Zhal-mèd comments:
Craft as practice is an ancient aspect of the gö kar chang lo’i dé. It brings about a sense of connectedness to the lineage and the wider tradition of householders over centuries. It is a joy and a privilege to be with everybody and relax in each other’s presence. We can delight in the experience each time we encounter one another and delight in the way they are. The craft itself brings out personalities and skills. I love the way the Sangha is: the harmony of it. It is a safe environment to test one’s growing edge in craft, in relationships with each other, and with our Lamas. What creates the safety is the presence of the Lamas and our trust in them. This moment is a rare opportunity. Having such a small focused group, we can meet here, in our Lama’s home for practice. It is hugely valuable as we lay the foundations for the future of our growing Sangha.