Aro LIngma appliqué

Sewing the Mountains

Craft Retreat, June 2004

Conversations about the experience of the retreat unanimously declared it as an extraordinary opportunity for practice within the variety of situations and events provided. Apprentices were living in close proximity and working hard. Everyone had to be flexible and hold one another in pure view. Naljorma Rin’dzin was asked about maintaining mindfulness and finding the presence of awareness in any activity, such as chopping vegetables, sewing, painting or polishing.
How does this compare with doing such activities at home?
She replied: The intensity and inspiration of the experience is heightened in this setting.

By Tuesday we were marvelling at the fast progress of the appliqué, and decided we could safely arrange for a horseriding expedition. Wednesday saw the appliqué and painting almost complete. Ngakpa Samten commented:
Living as a Vajra family creates a remarkable atmosphere. There is a magical quality to the craft work and being in close proximity with our Lamas. Living together in a harmonious fashion feels like a real family. A bond develops making empowerment and transmission possible. Even when doing ordinary things like drinking a cup of tea together I can feel happy. Extraordinary ordinariness emerges when everyone is aware of the specialness of the opportunity, finding presence of awareness in whatever you are doing.