’a-Shul Pema Legden

Aro History Thangka

Khandro Yeshé Réma becomes the teacher of ’a-Shul Pema Legden

This Aro history thangka depicts the meeting of Aro Lingma (as Khandro Yeshé Réma) with ’a-Shul Pema Legden. ’a-Shul Pema Legden is shown as Khalden Lingpa’s thangka painter – although this does not represent the manner of their meeting. Khalden Lingpa is shown in the sky above Khandro Yeshé Réma and ’a-Shul Pema Legden, because it was he who was active in precipitating their meeting. Khordong Gompa is portrayed in the thangka because that was the home of Khalden Lingpa and his disciple and thangka painter ’a-Shul Pema Legden. Khalden Lingpa, aware that his life would be short and that ’a-Shul Pema Legden would die before the next incarnation of Khalden Lingpa was found, considered it important for ’a-Shul Pema Legden to receive Aro Lingma’s transmission.