long-life wish-path for first incarnation of Düd’jom Lingpa

His Holiness Kyabjé Düd’jom Jig’drèl Yeshé Dorje Rinpoche

Lineage holder of the Düd’jom gTér

Om Swasti: Kön chog tsa sum dé sheg kün du pa
Wang drak rig ’dzin pe ma’i jin lad kyi,
Düd ’jom ye shé Dor je ku tsé tèn,
Tén dro’i dön chen t’a ru chin par shog

Embodiment of the union of the Three Jewels, the Three Roots, and all enlightened beings, Padmasambhava is the powerful wrathful Holder of pure Awareness. Through your blessing may the life of Düd’jom Jig’drèl Yeshé Dorje Rinpoche be firm and long, and may his great work and teachings for all beings be accomplished.

This long-life wish path for the previous incarnation of the present Düd’jom Rinpoche is presented here because Ngak’chang Rinpoche (who describes himself as one of the most worthless disciples of His Holiness Düd’jom Rinpoche) recited this text 300,000 times during the life of his Master.